Welcome to the St. Peter’s Episcopal Church website. Please explore the additions to this website at your leisure.

St. Peter’s is a small, mission church in Clearfield, Utah. It is filled with people who easily share their joy and thankfulness for all that God has given them. At. St. Peter’s we celebrate the opportunities to serve others. That’s why our Mission Statement is, “Spirit Inspired Service.”

We hope you will join us for Sunday worship at 9:30 AM. You’ll feel welcomed. Fellowship and Coffee Hour follow the service, so please join us. A great potluck Brunch is served after the Worship Service, on the 1st Sunday of each month. I hope you will check out our calendar of events and upcoming activities. You are welcome to participate in any of them.

Whether you wish to “step in quietly for worship and then leave after service,” or you are looking to embrace a community of love full force, you are welcome at St. Peter’s.

St. Peter's Episcopal Church
1579 State St.
Clearfield, UT 84014
(801) 825-0177