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Welcome to the St. Peter’s Episcopal Church website.

St. Peter’s is a small, mission church in Clearfield, Utah. It is filled with people who easily share their joy and thankfulness for all that God has given them. At. St. Peter’s we celebrate the opportunities to serve others. That’s why our Mission Statement is, “Spirit Inspired Service.”

Good news everyone!

I am sure most of you have read the Bishop’s Letter allowing congregations to meet in person for indoor Services. Leadership at St. Peter’s have decided to begin meeting for weekly Eucharist starting March 7th at 11:00 AM! We of course will follow the guidelines that Bishop Hayashi has set forth. If you have not read his epistle please do so.

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The front church doors will be unlocked at 10:55. Please maintain six feet distancing once inside. We ask that you use your own Book of Common Prayer if you have one. (If you do not have your own, please come anyway and accommodations will be made (editor's note)) Seating will be spaced to better protect ourselves! Expect only one lay reader. Eucharistic Bread will be received in the pews rather than at the altar.

***UPDATE*** (editor's note)

Eucharist is served at the altar rail in a sanitary manner. Family groups should come forward together, keeping apart from other groups by a 6' distance. To reiterate, family groups do not need to keep 6' apart from EACH OTHER, only from other 'family' groups. Thank you!

For the time being, announcements and celebrations are temporarily suspended during the service. Please continue to text or call Deacon David with prayer requests. Rite 1 will be used during the Lenten Season. At the end of worship, we need to exit through the back door.

***UPDATE*** (editor's note)

We have started to ask for prayer call-outs from the congregation. Coming forward to place funds into the 'Little Church' is NOT happening, but a separate basket is designated for that use. Please listen during service for any changes.

***UPDATE*** (editor's note)

As we have now passed the Lenten season, we are now in Rite II, for those that are less comfortable with Rite I.

Please dress warmly! Doors will be opened to allow for better circulation if the weather permits. Remember to keep your masks up. Socializing should occur only outdoors for now. Bathrooms will be available for urgent use. A member of the Bishop’s Committee will disinfect pews after the service. As usual, PLEASE stay home if you have COVID type symptoms. Once COVID lifts, coffee hour will be resumed in the parish hall.

Sunday Morning Prayer Services by Zoom will still take place at 9:30 AM. (

Jenny and the Bishop’s Committee are available if you have questions or concerns. Thank you!


John Dossett
Sr Warden

(Jessi Overton, Editor, and ***UPDATES***)